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Sewing Machine Applique Quilt Sewing Pattern

$ 9.95


Make this wall hanging for your sewing studio or turn the block into a pillow, sewing machine cover, or larger quilt. This pattern has all of the directions for the 4 block wall hanging shown on the cover.If you like applique you will love making this quilt.

Finished quilt measures 32" x 32". Each block is 16" x 16" finished. The following fabric is required for each block. I have calculated it this way so if you want to make a larger quilt or smaller item such as a pillow you can still use these measurements. 

1 Background Fabric measuring 17" x 17" each

1 Table Fabric measuring 6" x17" each

1 Body Fabric measuring 10" x 7" each

1 Fabric for Base, Control, Sign 12" x6"

1 Fabric for Base Stripe and Spool 12" x4"

1 Fabric for Inner Sign 2" x4"

1 Spool End and Button Fabric 2" x 3"

1 Needle, Dial, Button Fabric 3" x 5" 

The image on the cover is the wallhanging, the last image is a pillow made with the same applique.