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About Jennifer Jangles

Creating a Beautiful Life


Jennifer Heynen has always been inspired by the beauty around her. As a self-supporting artist for 23 years, she has developed a reputation for creating fun pieces with a touch of whimsy. 

She began her career as ceramic artist, but as her craft developed, she expanded into painting art and designing products for retail. When she's not chasing the family dog, or spending quality time with her husband and two boys, you'll find her in her Athens, Georgia studio painting, sewing or crafting happy things.

My Patterns

Take a close look at the Jennifer Jangles' sewing patterns, and you'll notice a common thread. They are always colorful, always playful and always an interesting detail added for "flavor". According to Jennifer,

"If I am smiling when I design a pattern, I know you're going to like it as well.  A lot of my patterns are simple in design and embellished with buttons and trims to make them look more complicated than they were to make.  This makes makes my projects accessible to all skill levels, including beginners. I believe sewing a project should be fun and relaxing, I hope my patterns give you that."

The Jennifer Jangle's MISSION

Jennifer Jangles' mission is to provide bright, happy, embellished designs that lift the heart and inspire the soul. From sewing patterns to licensed artwork, every piece is expertly crafted to tell a story and encourage creativity.


Do you have a project idea in mind? Whether you are looking for a specific piece of art or need a project designed, Jennifer is open to collaboration opportunities.  Contact her with your company;s art needs and we can set up a time to talk. 

Jennifer Heynen


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