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Porcelain Tumbler with Handmade Tassel

$ 30.00

Tags: Ceramics


Handmade ceramic tumbler made from porcelain clay. This mug is dishwasher safe. It is one of a kind. 

The tassel is attached to a metal loop with a jewelry clasp, this makes it easy to take on and off if you want to wash the tumbler. Tumblers can be used for toothbrush holders, pencil holders, to drink out of and more. 

Some facts about porcelain. Porcelain is a high fire clay, it is fired to cone six which is over 2000 degrees. When it is really thin, you can see light through the clay. Porcelain has a memory, it remembers the movement when its being made so sometimes it will move in the kiln and go back to it's original shape. This makes the mugs a little less round sometimes. 

This tumbler measures 4" H" x 3.25"Diam. The tassel as well as the tumbler are handmade by Jennifer.