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Quilt Market

Whew! I'm back. I took the red eye and got in at 6:30 AM on Monday. I slept all day. Yesterday I cleaned both studios. My home studio was covered in fabric and my away studio was just a plain mess. I am feeling better now that they are clean. I took a bunch of photos but left my camera at the studio. I will post them soon.

It was a fantastic show, got to see lots of friends and meet shop owners....

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Ceramic Cherry Box 24.00

Good morning...

So a few days ago I wrapped up my two new sewing patterns. I was so happy because they and a couple other projects were consuming all of my time. It was such a great feeling to be finished. We left for our mini vacation and I was relaxed.

Monday night Nik and I were talking about how time was flying by and "How could it be mid April already?" Wait a minute...

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Here they are...finally. These are the pillows I made for Quilt Market. For some reason, my photo didn't make it to my computer when I took pictures at the show. I love these and they went straight to my family room when I got home. I love the felt balls sewn on the side and I guarantee you will be seeing more of that in future projects.

If you got my Holiday newsletter this week you found the...

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Hi there! I just had to show you a couple of photos that found their way to my inbox this week. I can't believe the amazing things that you are sewing with my Happy fabric. This adorable dog sporting the fancy collar was made by Angie. Her company is Fetching Collars. You can find her here on facebook. The photography is amazing as well and it was shot by Mia Baker Photography. These women are...

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Hey, Hey! I just loaded up a bunch of new holiday beads into the Etsy shop. This is it for the week beacuse I am off to Quilt Market. My mom and I leave today and we'll be driving. I have so much stuff and I am really hoping it all fits into the van I have rented. I am usually a light packer but this is such a new adventure for me I can't really know what to expect. So I am bringing everything I...

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