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Here's a quick little project that doesn't take a lot of supplies, tools, or time. Here's what you need: 4 yards of waxed cotton, hemp, or twine, assortment of glass and wood beads, a toggle clasp, and a pendant.
1. Start by cutting four equal strands of cording. Remember all of the knots will shrink the length of the cords so make them long. String them through the hole of the pendant and tie a...

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Hey There! I promised you'd be seeing more of these wonderful felt balls in my work. And here they are! Yipee. This is a free project that you can print. You can print it today by clicking on the above image it will enlarge the photo and tell your computer to print it. If you come back another day and want to print it, scroll down the blog, you'll see a projects widget and below it will be a...

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