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Strike Offs


This just arrived the other day in my mailbox and I was so excited! I am learning about the fabric process as I go, so I will share. Yes, that is actual fabric above! But it doesn't quite look exactly right. These are called strike offs. In The Beginning Fabrics submits my fabric designs to the mill. The mill then screen prints the fabric as close as they can to what it will look like when...

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Happy Fabric!

Here is the whole collection of my Happy fabric. I love seeing it all together, now I just wish it could be actual fabric. I hate that I have to wait until September, I have no patience. So in the meantime I will plot and plan all my projects out in my head and make buttons so that way I am all ready when it arrives.

Have a great day,

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Happy Friday! I am super excited for so many things right now. First, my new buttons are up on the site. These are the buttons that match my new fabrics. Second, my fabrics are available for order through In The Beginning Fabrics now. Wahoo! This is only wholesale. For you sewers wanting to get your hands on some, unfortunately, you have to wait until September. That is when Happy will show up in...

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