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Hello, Hello, Oh boy there's is a lot of work going on in the camper. We had a late night last night and I think it will be another late one tonight. It's doing along nicely, with just a few setbacks here and there. But before I get going on the updates from yesterday I wanted to share my Travel Trailer Necklace Project with you.

This is an easy one to put together and here's what you'll need.

1 Cer...

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Welcome back to Glamping Week. I had so many wonderful comments yesterday, I hope I can reply to them all soon. Lot's of you seem to have childhood memories of camping and that's really neat to hear about. We weren't campers or glampers so I have to admit when my husband tried talking me into camping it took a few years. I finally said yes, when he said we could camp at the beach. The beach is my...

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Yay! Camper Glamping Week! Yes, I named it Camper weekbut I just didn't like the sound of it and so I made the executive decision to change the name to Glamping Week. I've got all sorts of fun stuff for you this week and I have LOTS of work this week. Let me catch you up just in case you missed something. We bought a vintage Serro Scotty Camper to redo and take out west this summer on a trip. You...

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Oh yea! It's going to be camper week next week. I am super excited. Sometimes I feel like I live a double life because I have to work on projects that you don't get to see until finished. Other times, I wish I showed you more of what I was working on but I just get going and forget to snap photos. But next week things will be different, I am declaring it Camper Week. Why you ask?

First, I have been...

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Hey Hey!

Check out the picture! Yes, that's my jewelry but what I'm really talking about is my camper, Lucy. This is her debut as a backdrop for my photos. What do you think? I'm thinking you'll see a lot of her in the future. Tomorrow we take her to the camper store to get their opinion on wiring, water, etc. Super excited to pull her again. We've gutted the inside the best that we can. There's...

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