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Do You Stitch Kitsch?

The companies in my new book Stitch Kitsch were super awesome and sent all sorts of funs supplies, notions, tools, and fabrics for kitsch sticthing. You can win all of this! Can you imagine how fun it would be to open up a giant box of all of these goodies. You really want to enter now... go to this page and get the scoop and to enter. Best of luck!!!

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3 thoughts on “Do You Stitch Kitsch?

  1. avatar patty says:

    What a crazy cool giveaway! I will be adding your blog to my favorites and spend some time catching up on what I have missed. I didn’t know you existed!

  2. avatar Maryann says:

    Cute strawberry.

  3. avatar kathy p says:

    Wow! What a great prize you’re giving away! Thanks for the chance to win!

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