My Weekend

by JenniferJangles October 19, 2009

Happy Monday...right? Believe it or not, it's my husbands favorite day of the week. We like to give him a hard time for that, because who else likes Monday's the best?

Now that I have a phone with a camera, yes, it took me awhile...I snapped some pictures of my weekend and I thought I would share them with you. We had a really fun day of fall activities planned on Saturday and then they all got washed away by the rain. It pretty much rains all of the time in Georgia these days. We went to the pumpkin patch and picked our pumpkins in the rain, but then we had to skip the corn maze, hay rides, and fall festival that was going on. We went home instead, maybe next weekend we will get to go to the corn maze.

That evening, I got to go to my friend Amy's house for a Diwali celebration (Indian Holiday). We all have been asking for awhile for Indian cooking lessons and she had the idea top celebrate and cook together all afternoon. It was super fun and I am anxious to try the recipes out in my kitchen. We made paneer, which is the cheese in a lot of Indian dishes, a bread, rice, and three main dishes. Mmmm, I want to eat it all again looking at this picture.

Anyone who has been to my house in the past three years has seen paint swatches stuck to the wall in my kitchen. It's has been an ongoing debate on what color to paint it. Finally Nik got tired and gave me entire control. He was sick of the brown walls and sick of talking about colors. So I painted! Of course I had to throw in a little lime green, but three of the walls are the darker green. I am really happy with the way it turned out. I still need to build some shelves and paint the cabinet knobs, and hang things but it's coming along nicely. I can now start hanging paint swatches in the bathrooms...hee hee
It was a busy weekend, but fun. Now it's time to get out in the studio and get glazing some Holiday beads.....Have a great day,



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