Fall Things

by JenniferJangles October 12, 2011

 Good Morning! I guess I shouldn't say that because you could be reading this blog post at anytime. I just happen to be writing this at 7:00 AM while drinking my peppermint mocha. Yep, I start my peppermint mochas as soon as I start my holiday projects. Number two is coming to your inbox tomorrow!

We here at the Heynen's are all decked out for Halloween. I took so pictures but they were so fuzzy so unfortunately you'll have to imagine all of the decorations. I'm not a hug Halloween person but my mom has brought us a new decoration or two or three since the boys were little. Let's just say the porch is covered. I can't talk about this without a photo...here is a not so bad one...

We also have bugs crawling up our house, thanks to Martha Stewart.

Anyway, we are ready. We also have our pumpkins. I got one myself this year. It is green and bumpy, unfortunately it is starting to turn orange. I really want it to stay green. We have  had the rule since I was a child that you could get as big of a pumpkin as you wanted, you just had to carry it yourself. Well, that back fired on Nik and I this year. Birk is a big guy for his age and he carried the big pumpkin at the top. It weighed in at 28 pounds, not bad for an eight year old. Fletcher wanted a teeny tiny pumpkin but I talked him into a nine pounder so he could carve it.

Speaking of kids, I have to show you these pictures of what they made in class. Sorry if you are bored with the kids clay class pictures, but I am in love with everything they do.

 Last week they made self portraits...

Happy Fall!
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