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Repost - Memory Wire Bracelet

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Project Instructions
Supplies needed for bracelet
  • 3 Bright original ceramic beads
  • 1 Periwinkle 1/2" ceramic disc
  • 2 lime 1/1" ceramic disc
  • 1 turquoise 1/2" ceramic disc
  • 16 silver balls 4mm
  • Approximately 16" memory wire
  • Approximately 16" black rubber tubing
  1. To begin, grab the end of your memory wire at the tips of your round nose pliers. Turn the wire to make a loop. Trim any sharp wire ends.
  2. String on a silver ball.
  3. Cut the rubber tubing into 1 1/2" - 2" pieces. String a piece of tubing onto the memory wire.String a ceramic bead with a silver ball on each side. Continue to string a piece of tubing, ball, ceramic, ball, until the bracelet has all of the beads on it.
  4. Finish by stringing on one last silver ball. Trim the wire leaving approximately 1/2 inch of wire at the end.
  5. Create a loop just as you did in step one. Keep rolling up the wire until the beads are snug.

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