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Zipper Pouch Stocking


Here's my last holiday project of the year. I made this little zippered stocking pouch just like I made my easy zipper pouch. The only difference is the shape. You can find the instructions for the zipper pouch here. A PDF of the stocking pattern piece can be found here. It's ready to print full size and ready to go.

Happy Holidays,

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4 thoughts on “Zipper Pouch Stocking

  1. avatar Melinda says:

    Kim & Carolyn, in her description, there are two links. Click on the light blue “here” to take to the pattern and the tutorial. I am going to make a couple to hang up for my co-workers where I work. There are so cute!

  2. avatar Carolyn says:

    I could not find the directions for this zippered Christmas stocking…..I must be missing something…..

  3. avatar Kim says:

    I agree with Betty’s comment above….talented girl!! Keep on creating wonderful, happy things for us to buy and enjoy! Love, love, LOVE all your creations!!

  4. avatar betty says:

    Jennifer – I just love happy things and you do have some cuties. You have a wonderful talent and a beautiful smile. Keep on creating..

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