Snowman Ornament Project

by JenniferJangles November 04, 2013

What do you call a snowman in the summer?

A puddle :)

Hey Hey, as promised, it's Snowman Week! Let's celebrate winter coming this week. I've got snowman projects all week long for you as well as a snowman sale. Let's get started....

The first project of the week is a snowman ornament.

1 ceramic snowman bead
1 ceramic word link
1 holiday glass bead
1 seed bead
2" headpin
4" of wire 20 gauge
5" wire 18 gauge

1. Start by stringing the seed bead and glass bead onto the headpin. Create a simple wire loop just above the glass bead. Before closing it, slide the bottom loop of the word link onto the loop. Close and trim excess wire.
2. With the 20 gauge wire make a simple wire loop and add the top loop of the word link to it before closing. String the snowman bead onto the wire and create a second simple wire loop at the top of the snowman.
3. Using your 18 gauge wire start by making a small loop on one end. Curl it around to make a spiral that is approximately an inch in diameter.
4. Repeat step 3 for the remaining side of the wire to create the ornament hook. Slide the ornament on and you're finished!

For simple wire loop making you can refer to my pin able instructions.

Here's another Easy Ornament you can make.

My snowman sale is running all week long in the Etsy shop. I have marked down any and everything that has a snowman on it, is a snowman, or is a snowflake which snowmen are made from. That includes fabric! Here's a sneak peek, you should head over and see them all.

Have a great day,

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