Hanging Pot Holder Tutorial

by JenniferJangles November 27, 2013

Only three more Holiday Projects left, time is flying by us. I have these potholders in my kitchen and I find them very handy. I know there are lots of potholder tutorials out there, nut here's what is different about mine. You see that button? The binding continues off of the potholder and makes a loop. It can be hung on your stove and it's right there when you need it, handy eh?

Here's what you need:

1/4 yard cotton fabric
1/8 yard cotton fabric for binding
1 button
8" x 16" batting
8" x 8" heat resistant fabric (optional)


 1. Cut 4 squares of fabric, 2 squares of batting, and one square of heat resistant fabric(optional) measuring  8" x 8" each.

2. Place two of the fabric squares together. Measure 4 inches down from the center of one of the corners. Place another ruler underneath that is perpendicular. This will become the pocket.

3. Cut across that perpendicular line. With right sides together, sew down the edge you just cut. Open and flip fabric around so that wrong sides are together. Press and top stitch down the edge and set aside.


4. Place a square of fabric right side down on your work surface. Place two pieces of batting on top, then the heat resistant fabric, and then the last full square should go on top with the right side facing upward. Add the pocket piece to the top of this stack. If you need to trim the edges to square thing up, do this now.

5. Cut a piece of binding measuring   42" x 2.5". Fold in half and press. Pin to the four edge of the top of the potholder starting at the corner that does not have the pocket. This will be the top of your potholder.   Sew around the edge just like you sew the binding on a quilt.

6. Turn the biding over and hand sew it to the opposite side of the potholder. Do not trim the excess binding off of the potholder.

Your potholder should be looking like this.

7. Fold the raw edge of the excess binding in 1/4" and then again another 1/4" and press.

8. Tuck the end in and make a loop that will fit around your button. Sew the end to that point on the binding.

9. Sew the button on and you are finished!


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