January Clearance Sale

by JenniferJangles January 14, 2014

Hey, Hey, it's that time of year again. It's my 8th annual clearance sale. I always have a lot of fun preparing for this one because I know that you will be excited for what I've put together and am offering.

Why do I do this? I know right? Most of the items for sale are first quality items. Well, first of all, I like to be excited about my work and clearing out the studio and selling off anything I made last year gives me a new and fresh start. Yes, I might make some of these exact items again but there's something about the newness that makes me excited and I believe that shows on my blog, in my emails, in my shop, etc.

Second, in running my business, I always think about what I would like as a follower of Jennifer Jangles. I try to give you what I would like and hope that it's what you would like also. I know I am always up for a sale.

What is there you ask? Well, like I said, I have cleaned out my studio and these items have come from all sorts of stuff. First of all, there's a little de-stash.

Then there are sewn samples.

When I make custom bead or button orders, I usually make a few extras just in case the glaze doesn't work out or whatever. Those extras start to pile up.

Some are just things I have pulled out of cubbies or drawers in my studio that I have held onto for some reason or another.

When does this all start? Right now! Yipee! Sales starts at 1:00pm EST today. It runs until everything is gone or Sunday, Jan 19th noon EST.

Is it everything in the shop? Most everything, patterns aren't going anywhere so they are not on sale. But I left them in the shop just in case you wanted to pick one up while you were getting other goodies. I don't know why I am still rattling on about things...you'll see when you get to the shop.

Have fun!

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