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Little Hanging Basket Pattern - It's Free!

This little hanging basket is perfect for storing your cell phone, headphones, keys or other small but very important accessories. Hang it on a doorknob, a hook, or a bedpost to keep those necessities handy.

Supplies needed:
9" x 12" outer fabric
9" x 12" lining fabric
9" x 12" heavyweight fusible interfacing
6" ribbon
2 buttons
Coordinating thread

Click here to get the pattern. Or you can click on this image and print it on a 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper.

1. Start by cutting the pattern piece from the outer, the lining, and the interfacing. Iron the interfacing onto the back of the lining.

2. Pin the ribbon hanger onto the fabric referring to the guides on the pattern piece. You might need a longer ribbon if you plan to go over a doorknob or bedpost, measure to get the exact length you need. For general purpose 6" of ribbon will work just fine.

Place the right sides together of the two fabrics and sew around the outer edge using a 1/4" seam allowance. Leave a gap for turning on one of the longer sides.

I have sewn in red thread so you can see my stitch lines.

3. Clip the corners and turn right sides out. Press and hand stitch the opening closed.

4. Start by shaping the basket so the lining is facing the outside. Overlap the shorter edges, these are what will become the sides, a temporarily secure with a pin. Align the bottom of the sides with the bottom of the basket. Pin and sew. Do this for both sides.

5. Turn the basket right side out. Arrange the side flaps so the the front flaps are pulled more towards the back of the basket. Tack stitch in place and sew a button on for decoration. Repeat for the second side.

 Have a great day,

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7 thoughts on “Little Hanging Basket Pattern - It's Free!

  1. avatar Tammy says:

    This is a cute bag but I am wondering if the seam allowance is included in the pattern. I cut it with the sa extra because the pattern nor the tut says. Thanks for sharing.

  2. avatar LaRae Peacock says:

    Did you try printing in landscape? It fills the page then. I’m going to try it.

  3. avatar WilliamDime says:

    Thank you ever so for you article.Thanks Again. Really Great. Falvo

  4. avatar Cindy Hagen says:

    Could I please find out the measurements for the bag. I can figure out for the notched out bottom, but am not sure what to start with. If I made it the size it printed out, it wouldn’t even hold my phone. Thank you so much.

  5. avatar Peggyann says:

    I am having difficulty as well.
    Please help with the size of the basket pattern.

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