Our Summer Vacation

by Jennifer Heynen August 18, 2014

It's been a month and a half since we've been back from our vacation but I haven't had a minute to upload any pictures. So better late than never right? I won't post all 1014 pictures but I will show you a few of the hilights.

We headed out in our Serro Scotty for a month long adventure out west. Nik and I have been planning this trip pretty much since we had the boys, so it was a retry big deal for us.

First we had to get out west so we drove the first couple of days through Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and in to Colorado. We stayed at a campground one night and then a hotel. Yes, we had our little camper but we also knew we were going to need our space(and Internet) from time to time.

Our first park stop was Mesa Verde National Park. There are ancient cliff dwellings of the Pueblo here, they were pretty cool to explore.

We headed to Taos, NM next and spent a few days wondering around town.

This coffee shop had four kinds of mochas, I was in heaven.

Next was Grand Canyon National Park where we watched hiked down partway into the canyon. Birk and I about cried on the way back up as Fletcher skipped his way out yelling "this is fun". That was annoying. :)

Zion National Park was next on our list. We knew nothing about it when I choose it but it actually became our favorite park. There's a river that runs through the middle, you can hike in iron a trail called the narrows, it was cool. We also did some tubing and lounging in that river as well.

Moab and Arches National Park was our second Utah park of the trip. Then we headed to Salt Lake City for a night in a hotel with watermark to celebrate Fletcher's 13th birthday. Aaaa! I know have a teenager.

After Salt Lake we spent a week in Yellowstone. I LOVED seeing all of the wildlife. It was right up there with hiking the narrows for my favorite art of the trip. We saw 7 grizzly bears, 4 black bear, too many bison to count, a fox, elk, beavers, and more. It was beautiful and amazing.

Last we headed to Fort Collins Colorado to see some old friends, had a great weekend with them and then headed home.

We could not of asked for a better trip. The camper was awesome as well as the weather. We all decided that we want to do more trips like that one and we surprisingly really liked RVing, if you can call it that in a camper so small as ours.

This leads me to our decision.... we decided to sell Lucy...and we have. We all agreed we'd like something bigger and we didn't have any trips on the horizon for her so instead of letting her sit in our driveway we decided that she needed to go to a new home. Lots of people looked at her but the right family got her, they have kids just a little younger than us and had similar plans to go to west and travel in her. We were sad to see her go, but we know we did the right thing.

Have a great day,

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Jennifer Heynen
Jennifer Heynen


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