New Jennifer Jangles Boutique Sewing Kits

by Jennifer Jangles November 04, 2014

Hey Hey! Wanting to share something I have been working on for a good nine months now. They are a bit like babies to me. I had an idea at the first of the year about designing a line of sewing and craft kits. It started out as a selfish reason I wanted these but grew into something much bigger. Here's how it all happened....

When I travel I like to pack up boxes or bags of things to make when on the road, in a hotel, or airport. It would always take me awhile to decide what to bring and most of the time I would get on the road and then not have everything I needed. I needed a kit.

Now when I shop anywhere... quilt shops, gift shops, bookstores....etc. What do I buy? Arts and craft supplies. I usually wished there was more to buy than what I could find.

Now all of this thinking made me realize there was a need for kits. Kits that have everything, kits that were for all ages, kits that were for all sewing levels. One thing led to another and here I am, introducing to the world my line of sewing and crafting kits.

I had some very precise ideas about how I wanted everything to be and so it was an easy decision to produce these myself.

Oh boy, was it a learning curve. I designed and produced yards and yards of fabric for the kits. Really nice fabric I must say, it 100% cotton quilting fabric, washes beautifully and the colors are vibrant. Can you tell I love the mill I worked with?

My wools are hand dyed here in the US by a small company, the felts are wool blends, the thread(yes needle and thread come with) are also 100% cotton. I wanted everything top notch quality for you. That's where the word boutique comes in.

Packaging was ridiculously hard for me. I wanted small and easy to tote. I didn't want any excess packaging to save on waste down the road. But of course it had to be cute. Seriously, my printer Lisa, deserves a gold star for working with me. I could not tell you how many times she had to answer questions from me. I'm sure she's enjoying her break from me.

You might have caught a glimpse of them in my Quilt Market booth last week. I was packaging them the night before I left and they came on the plane with me. You can plan all you want but everything always ends up down to the wire for market.

But I am back and super excited to introduce you to the gang Kitty, Sophie, and more. You can see all 12 of them here.

But here are a few of my favorites...

Little Bird Pin Cushion Ring Kit

Make Today Special Hoop Art Kit

Happy Camper Ornament Kit

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog, comments really mean a lot to me and I ALWAYS appreciate it when you leave me one.

Have a great day,

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Jennifer Jangles
Jennifer Jangles


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