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How to Embroider with the Satin Stitch

by Jennifer Jangles April 28, 2015

How's the sampler coming along? Were changing floss colors today, yay! Grab your green floss and we're going to do the satin stitch. 

The satin stitch is great for filling in areas with color. The satin stitch is basically running stitches that are side by side. Start by pushing your needle up through the fabric on the line. Push the needle back through on the line directly across from where you came up. 

You next stitch will go right next to your first stitch. Be sure your needle is coming up and going down on the lines to keep the shape of the leaf. 

Continue stitching until you reach the other side of your leaf. Stitch all of your leaves this way. If you feel like your leaves need an outline to give them better shape you can always go around the outside with a back stitch. 

Here's the back, I just slid my needle through the floss on the back of the leaf and then trimmed it.

I used three strands of floss and the back stitch to sew the vines for the leaves. Next, switch to yellow or whatever color you chose for your flower and do the satin stitch again for the center of the flower. The outside of the flower is three strands of floss and the running stitch. Finish up the flower and vines today because tomorrow were moving on to french knots.

Have fun stitchin'

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Jennifer Jangles
Jennifer Jangles


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